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Top rated electric shavers in 2014


Every man understands the importance of having a clean and hair-free appearance, in order to get around to different social events. You need to find a reliable method to clean your face of hair follicles without having to deal with pain or skin irritation. According to the present statistics it seems that a growing number of men use without reservation electric shavers. Still, the trick is to find a powerful and advanced model, capable of shaving the face without inflicting pain. Going through the latest best electric shavers reviews in 2014 represents a firm step in discovering the ideal product to have around.


What is the best Electric Shaver – Buying Guide


In the present more and more men are doing their best to look great any moment of the day. The principle of “looking good” means for many men investing time and effort in dealing with rebellious facial hair which can diminish their appearance and confidence. Dealing with facial hair represents a “battle” with pain and skin irritation. To this end we are not surprised to see so many men search for a powerful electric shaver, designed to help them obtain a hair-free appearance without experiencing pain. How to find the best electric shaver is on the mind of thousands of men. Well, finding the correct answer will be a lot easier once you read with attention this buying guide.

Are you ready to obtain a smooth and pain-free shaving experience? If you are, then let’s learn how to recognize the best electric shaver, by pointing out the primary shaving features and specific options. With the right electric shaver you will be able to obtain a hair-free appearance. There are many shavers currently available on the market, with different options. Knowing them will help you choose the one suite to your skin characteristics. With reliable information on the basic and extended features of the current top electric shaver, you will be able invest in a great product. Electric shavers will help you obtain a quick and beautiful face. This advanced shavers will deal with long and short facial hair, dry or wet, whichever you prefer.


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Foil shavers

Foil shavers come with fine and angled blades that move with precision from side-to-side beneath a thin metal screen called foil. Designed with skin care in mind, the blades work by pulling hair through the foil and cutting them off just like a scissor might do. In a nutshell, you will be able to obtain a close shave, without skin irritation. This type of electric shaver is ideal for men that have short facial hair and sensitive skin. Foil shavers are designed with 3 blades that deliver a precise shaving system. Still, the shavers come with 1 single foil (for slicing fine to medium hair), double foil (for men with course facial hair) and triple foil (for course and medium hair).

Rotary shavers

There are many men that use on a daily basis rotary shavers in order to obtain a hair-free and beautiful appearance. Rotary electric shavers feature circular blades that are arranged in a triangular format and gently spin under a protective head. This type of shaver is ideal for long hair, giving you a smooth shave around hard to reach areas, such as chin and moustache region. You should also know that shaver operate without making too much noise.

Wet/Dry shavers

Some men prefer to use shaver on dry surfaces while others prefer wet one, under the shower. There are men with sensitive skin that want to be able to choose wet or dry conditions. It can handle with ease moisture from a wet shave so you can also use a shaving cream or water to calm down the irritated skin.

How to find the best electric shaver? There are also a couple of things that you need to consider before choosing a shaver such as power source (plugged-in, rechargeable and battery), additional shaving attachments, cleaning utensils. It is time to significantly improve the way you shave.


What products our experts recommend:


Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver


Today, more and more men want to use a pro-efficient electric shaver, designed to safely cut down hair follicles. You can use one of the current top rated electric shavers in 2014 from Braun: 790cc. The shaver features an innovative Pulsonic technology that delivers around 10.000 micro vibrations which capture with precision more hair. You should know that the shaver has 3 personalization features which help you to obtain a hair-free appearance. The device has a fully flexible shaving system that delivers precise facial adaptability once you start shaving. You should also know that the shaver incorporates Activelift that safely captures flat-lying hair thus maintaining a smooth shaving experience.

“Bought this for my husband and he loves this shaver. It cuts close without giving him a rash. The ability to just sit it in the base and it recharges is great, not to mention being able to push a button and it cleans itself. I really recommend this shaver.” – Cindy Martin

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Philips Norelco 1250X SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor


Every man wants to shave fast and without worrying about pain! This is where a professional razor can deliver the much needed assistance. One of the top electric shavers in 2014 comes from Philips, Norelco 1250X SensoTouch 3D, designed with durable materials worth covering every inch of the face. It offers a beautiful 3D contouring, diminishing the shaving displeasure to a minimum. The device combines various channels in order to safely catch long hairs and special slots for normal hair follicles. This shaver from Philips can be used with confidence for around 50 continuous minutes or around 17 days of perfect shaves.

I was fortunate enough to find Norelco in order to shave whenever I had to. To this extent I recommend the device to all men that want to experience a smooth shave and no problems whatsoever. It also includes Aquatec seal which gives me the chance to use it with or without shaving cream.” – Geoffrey Victor

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Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Electric Razor


Are you looking for a pro-efficient and advanced electric shaver? Well, if your answer is yes, then you should listen to the current best electric shavers reviews in 2014 that recommend men to use without reservation Norelco PT730 from Philips. This advanced shaver incorporates a powerful dual precision shaving system that manages to precisely shave long and short hairs with ease. The shaver comes with flexing heads that automatically adjust in order to cover every inch of the face’s contour thus delivering a comfortable and pretty enjoyable shave. You need to replace the heads every 12 months in order to experience quality results with no problems.

I have been using electric razors for many years and while I accepted less than close shave there was no mess with cream and blood. This razor is amazing. Extremely fin shave from the first use. It is so quiet I thought there was something wrong until I felt how smooth my face was. I am so pleased with this item” – Michael Pender

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Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Wet/Dry Shaver


If you are probably searching for a professional and pain-free tool in order to obtain a hairless appearance. According to the present user testimonials and product descriptions it seems that more and more people are using with confidence Panasonic ES2207P electric shaver, a product very popular in the US. The device comes with 3 Blade system that manages to capture and cut hair follicles in one single gentle pass over the areas. The electric shaver offers 100% wet and dry shaving operations that keep close and detailed actions on the respective areas. You can use it while under the shower or in the tub. It incorporates a floating head that blends with ease to the head’s circumference.

“I love this thing so much. I am very careful with it though and I only dry shave with it. I also have slow growing very thin fine hair on my legs so it cuts through my leg hair like nothing. I only shave every 2 weeks. Not sure how it would hold up to people with fast growing thick hair.” – Gary Beret

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Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver


Most of the latest best Braun electric shavers reviews underline the efficiency of Cruzer, a special product designed to help men enjoy smooth shaving without any problems whatsoever. The device comes with a unique combination of powered body trimmer and the advanced Gillette Fusion wet shaving system for a positive and precise shaving feature. This particular device features a unique combi mode that can be used in order to trim and shave in one single stroke. You should also know that the shaver comes with 3 trimming combs which can be used to perform various lengths: long, medium and sensitive.

“I am very impressed with this shaver. I have thick hair and my hair grows very fast. I used regular clippers to shave my body prior to purchasing this shaver and I would always have scratches from the clippers. I do not have that issue with this shaver.” – David Wilson

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Clio Palmperfect electric shaver


If you want a professional and efficient electric shaver in your life, then you should consider using with confidence Clio Designs Palmperfect. This advanced electric shaver is ideal for women that deliver pain free hair removal operation. You won’t regret using this advanced shaver in order to obtain a beautiful hair free appearance with ease. The particularities of shaver permit you to use it for trimming bikini line, feet and neck. Furthermore the shaver is water resistant and includes dual clipper blades that can shave with ease any type of hair. It is ideal to use anytime anywhere with no restriction whatever.

“This shaver is pretty awesome so far. Doesn’t hurt or give me razor burn at all. Yes, the shave is not super close, but it’s not a razor directly to skin, it’s just not going to be. I have tried more expensive electric razors and the closeness of the shave is the same as I get with this razor.” – Barbara Evans

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